Saturday, July 7, 2012

FET #2 - Negative Results, Moving to IVF #2

We got our results on Tues of our failed FET #2. I was bumming that day, on the 4th of July and most of this week.

I'm hoping my bummy feelings are just normal sad and doesn't launch me into depression again. Counseling every other week has really been helping.

I also start birth control pills again on Sunday to get started with our 2nd fresh IVF cycle. I'm supposed to hear from my doctor next week on whether there will be another protocol. He was open to having us transfer 2 embryos these last cycles but I really didn't want to. Now, I'm thinking I should. I'm still so scared of twins but I need to do something to increase my chances on these cycles.

We'll see what he says!

I'm also having my god-daughter (best friend's daughter) stay over night tonight and I just love her so much that I hope that helps on the happiness factor. We're also going to a pool party where there will be other kids, so while it may be weird to bring someone else's kid, it will be nice to bring a kid! I know, weird, but I'm sure many of you can relate...

I'm also going to use these next 5 weeks to try to get some of this weight off. It's gotten a bit out of control, but I also knew to expect this and to be gentle with myself. Yesterday, I read a Wei.ght Wat.chers blogger who had lost so much weight and then put 15 lbs of it back on as she calls her 'no baby' weight after going through infertility & treatments. Ah, the stuff we have to deal with!

It's ok, I guess, two years ago I put on this same weight and lost it all last year, so I know I can do it again and this is just my another year of going through these treatments and if weight gain is part of it, so be it. I just want those children in our lives already!!!

So, it's looking like a mid-August retrieval and transfer... wish me luck!