Monday, December 1, 2014

LIT Treatment & PGD Testing on Embryos

We did our first LIT treatment at the Mark.ham Fert.ility Cen.tre in Tor.onto a couple of weeks ago and we are scheduled to head back there this coming weekend for our second treatment.

What is LIT?

It's Lympho.cyte Immuno.therapy. And it's quite painful. One doctor thinks this will help because I have low B and T cells that aren't protecting the embryo when it's in my body thereby letting the natural killer cells take over.

Here's the download on the treatment:

  • They take 18 vials of B's blood the morning of the procedure. He can't eat or drink anything but water before, and has to avoid fatty foods and dairy the night before.
  • I go in a few hours later and they inject the cells right under my skin so that my lymph nodes absorb it.
  • It's what I imagine bee stings feeling like though I've never been stung before so I don't know. All I know is that they do it EIGHT times - 4 in each arm. And that by the 6th one, I actually said 'f*ck' and then apologized to the nurse.
Other than that, pretty easy. Though, I'm not looking forward to it again that's for sure.

The only disappointing part is that I'm just not as hopeful that this will work for us. We talked with our doctor at R.M.A., who we knew didn't believe in this stuff, but he was pretty convincing as to why he didn't believe in it. 

We basically told him that we were throwing the kitchen sink at this and would he recommend anything else for us and the only thing he said we should consider but is optional is heparin. 

So, now we're trying to figure out if we should do that. I'm inclined to do it because I really want to leave no stone unturned but...

And the embryos!

We were THRILLED to get 2 genetically tested viable embryos... and found out they are both girls! In fact, all 4 that we had tested were girls!

And the intralipids? Those were recommended to us because I have slightly elevated natural killer cells but not by much. The R.M.A. doctor didn't think I needed it and thought it was ridiculous - says that with every IVF, we are given a form of intralipids... 

So, hopefully we'll be able to do a transfer in Jan or Feb, just need to figure out the right course of action that's next.