Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Job Change, Genetic Testing, FET #4 & Travel

Gosh, lots has happened since I last wrote. And it's been almost 2 months.

First, I quit my job in early Jan. I had been thinking about it in Dec and knew when I started up with all the doctor stuff again, that I couldn't keep my energy up about work. As we were planning for 2013, my heart just wasn't in it. I quite citing personal reasons. My boss has known what we're struggling with. Honestly, though, he just became not so nice in the last couple of years and it was really, really hard to quit because I really did like it. I just couldn't take him anymore.

The day I quit felt bittersweet. I had been there almost 5 years and headed up HR for this organization that was 45 people when I joined and was 150 when I left. We went global. I did a lot for them and I'm quite proud of my work there.

By the next day, I felt complete relief.

In the meantime, I had been interviewing with 2 other opportunities and ended up in a situation where BOTH wanted me. I could hardly believe it. It felt so good to be wooed after having felt like I wasn't doing a great job for over a year. I decided to go with the less exciting job where I felt like I could still make an impact with little stress. It felt like a good culture fit and where I could walk to work again. I took a month in between. I start on March 4.

Genetic Testing & FET #4:
We did genetic testing through our clinic with Na.tera on our remaining 4 frozen embryos. One didn't  survive, and of the remaining 3, only one was good/normal. I can't exactly remember what the other two had - I think one had an extra chromosome 23 which normally doesn't make it thorugh pregnancy (which may be the reason for some of our chemical pregnancies) and the other had an additional chromosome 2 or 3 which doesn't even make it to a positive pregnancy test.

So, we were left with just 1 and transferred that one last Fri, Feb 15. My pregnancy test is next Thurs, Feb 28.

I'm a little anxious but I think I feel that if we need to do another fresh IVF, I'll be hoping that we will have at least 1 or 2 to freeze since I'd rather have 'younger' eggs now than try this again in 1-2 years... but that's a lot of projecting and I'm trying to stay in the moment which brings me to...

We had so many miles stored up from putting our IVF fees on our miles credit card that once I quit my job and prior to doing our transfer, I went to Honduras! It was so incredibly gorgeous!!! I went alone for 3 1/2 days to an island called Roatan just off the Gulf/Atlantic cost. It was exactly what I needed.

And tomorrow, I'm getting ready to go to AZ and Palm Springs, CA for 6 days, solo also. I'll be visiting Tucson for the first time and I'll also be going to Scottsdale close to where a friend from high school now lives. And then to CA where I'm excited to see Joshua Tree National Park.

So, lots going on... and for now, all heading in a positive direction!