Sunday, April 30, 2017

3rd Trimester!

We're into the 3rd trimester and it still floors me! Seeing this picture of L with our baby growing in there is still unreal to me and so miraculous! How are we finally able to be so lucky? How is this amazing woman doing this to make our dreams come true? I am still in awe.

Everything is going well and we've been enjoying putting some of the baby's room together... still a work in progress and will hopefully post some photos next time when it's a little more ready.

It's all so exciting.

I am starting to get what is probably the normal freak outs - all the way from what are all the little things that I still need that I don't have? to how am I going to be a good parent?!?

July 12 is still the due date and we are still excited about a surprise gender in the delivery room!

Next up is planning a hospital visit.

Overall, feeling beyond blessed.