Thursday, April 10, 2014

Transfer #10

I couldn't believe when I was actually counting this out that it was really #10. But we've been through a lot so it doesn't surprise me either!

I know I've been quite of late. I went through a few bad weeks after our genetic testing results but by mid-March, I was doing better and getting ready for our two frozen embryos & transfer - one from this past cycle in Feb and one from our Oct cycle.

Transfer #10 happened yesterday - Wed, April 9!

This is the best chance we've got, we think. Both genetically tested normal embryos. Two of them. And doing it via frozen cycle, so we feel that the time is optimal. (There were some questions around our last fresh cycle in June as to whether with genetic testing we had missed the window by transferring on Day 6...). So here we are 9 months later at the next transfer opportunity.

I've been feeling at peace for the most part but I know I can say that now that I'm in the hopeful phase. I do say that we're being cautiously optimistic but will also not be surprised if this doesn't work. And if it doesn't, we'll have R.M.A. in NJ take a look at our records again and see if they feel they could do anything differently for us. But the facts are the facts - out of the last two cycles, we've only gotten one viable embryo. We know one is all is takes but I don't know that I'd want to transfer just one embryo and I don't know that I can go through two more retrievals... I'm getting ahead of myself.

Here's to a little hopefulness. And I've got a lot planned in the coming weeks & months to keep my mind distracted!