Monday, September 9, 2013

Decisions, Decisions

We've been seeking a second opinion now on our last two cycles thinking that we would transfer to them on a next cycle. That was going to be the next big decision.

And it's a huge one to make.

We've done 7 transfers now (with 3 fresh IVFs and 4 frozen cycles), 2 cycles with PGD (genetic testing, which they seem to think is the root of all of our trouble getting and staying pregnant).

We're currently at one of the best clinics in the DC area and under a shared risk program which means we get all of our money back if we don't get pregnant which is a huge consideration.

The other clinic we've been considering is one of the best in the COUNTRY and extremely well-know for its own genetic testing lab. It's out of state for us, but only 4 hours. And it would be super more expensive.

They seem to be all about figuring out the right timing for transfer (after PGD testing) and oftentimes freeze embryos if a woman's progesterone levels have exceeded ideal timing on Day 6.

So, factors that went into our decision:

Pros of Staying with Current Clinic:

  • We know them well and like them; being familiar with how things work takes some stress out of the process
  • They are willing to change up our protocol to do PGD testing and not do a fresh transfer which is reassuring because even though going into a frozen cycle will take longer, I don't have the confidence that they have the timing down the way the out of state clinic does
  • It's less expensive
  • It doesn't require travel and working remotely
Pros of Going to the Other Clinic:
  • They are one of the best in the country
  • They have seemed to be able to give us good advice on our last two cycles after the fact
  • They do in-house PGD genetic testing
  • They know the ideal timing and there's a chance we'd be within that timing window to do a fresh transfer thereby minimizing time
Cons of Staying with Current Clinic:
  • What if after all that time - and we're talking mid-Dec before we'd get results from the frozen cycle - it doesn't work, would I regret not transferring clinics?
  • They don't have in-house genetic testing (but I trust who they are outsourcing it to... still there's the extra element of shipping...)
  • It may unnecssarily take longer because we'll automatically be doing a frozen cycle and transfer after the fresh IVF with PGD testing
Cons of Going to the Other Clinic:
  • It's super expensive
  • It would require travel which could be stressful as well as juggling working remotely (though it's do-able and my boss is supportive)
  • The newness of how everything works could be stressful (though they have seemed to be really great to work with)
  • Did I mention how super expensive it is??
So... big decision was:

Stay with Current Clinic.

I think I just felt better knowing there wouldn't be too much change right now even if this takes us 2 additional months. 

And if this doesn't work, then we're transferring clinics in January! Let's hope (please!!) that we don't have to do that...