Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Retrieval #4

It's weird that I can't fully say IVF #4 because we're splitting this IVF into a retrieval and FET.

So, I just had retrieval #4 last Thursday. It all went well. The shots and appointments leading up were stressful as usual, but not too, too bad.

(I did get to record my favorite relief pitcher when we were at a recent baseball game and watched his intro song and warm up prior to each menopur shot! Hey, whatever gets you through, right? He's rrrrrreally cute!! (Cr.aig Sta.mmen in case anyone is wondering!)).

I digress.

Oh yes, retrieval #4.

So, the appts leading up were weird because we had 1-2 leading follicles and we needed a bunch more since we are doing PGD (genetic) testing on our embryos. So, they kept upping my meds and then decreasing them because my estrogen would get too high. In the end, I had no idea if this second batch would 'catch up' to the leading follicle(s).

But they did. They ended up getting 18 eggs which I also thought was weird since they had been meansuring about 10 follicles the whole time. It turned out that many of those eggs were not mature which I figured would be the case.

So, we got 10, 7 fertilized and it's looking like 6, maybe 7 are making it to blast today. I haven't heard the report yet and may not until tomorrow which is when we'd get the genetic testing report back.

The next plan, if we have genetically-viable embryos is to transfer 2 back with an frozen embryo transfer. I should get my period sometime this coming weekend and then back on birth control pills and then meds for an FET.

If all this goes according to plan, we should have results by early Dec.

It's all giving me a bit of anxiety - this prolonged cycle because the not knowing gets dragged out, and not being able to plan much in the coming weeks because I don't know when my dates will be for what, and mostly thinking about a negative result going into the holiday season.

If we're not pregnant, I'm hoping I can escape the holidays by my husband and me going on a trip between Christmas and New Year's.

But, one day at a time.