Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Transfer #1 with Surrogate #3

We did it! Transfer got delayed till today and it's all done!

There's her beautiful uterus with our day 5 embryo in there, hopefully nestling in for the next 8.5 months!

The transfer got rescheduled last Thurs so we knew it would be today though last night's travel was kinda crazy.

I've been on vacation in South Carolina and flew home from Charleston and she flew from Greenville. Kinda crazy too that we were only a 3 hour drive apart and flying to the same place. My flight got delayed an hour and hers many hours. She didn't get in till after midnight and we didn't get home till 1am. I popped an ambien and was asleep by 1:50 and woke up on my own at 7am which was nice to have a leisurely breakfast in bed.

We also ended up ubering everywhere which I know was expensive but after waiting 15 mins for the shuttle last night, I was too tire to think of driving from Dulles so didn't.

We had to leave home at 8:30am this morning. It was super easy being together. We've always gotten along great but never has it just been the two of us.

Everything went smoothly. It was cute to see how excited she was.

Me... I'm feeling cautiously hopeful but also staying grounded on this one. B and I were talking that this will likely work. (With a 12mm uterine lining, who wouldn't want to burrow in there?!) :)

We went and had an early lunch out when we got home, went by the pharmacy to pick up home pregnancy tests, took naps and then headed back to the airport.

And now we are both sitting on our own planes on the tarmac. :(

I'm soooo tired. And I'm also relieved that by around this time next week we'll be able to know something from her home test.

Here's to fingers and toes crossed, sticky vibes, prayers and all the positive thoughts around!

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Another (Small) Curveball

Why can't this be easier?

We now need to change the transfer date... which wouldn't be that big of a deal but we had timed it so that the transfer would happen a day before our vacation and before K goes back to teaching.

Her lining was 6.4mm at her check-in on Thurs (and it needs to be at least 8mm). We were really surprised because during the mock cycle, at this point, her lining was 11mm. But when we went back and calculated, our nurse put her on different meds for this round and it was 4 days shy of how long she had been on meds compared to this cycle for this last check-in. Not sure how the nurse didn't figure that out and I'm a bit annoyed about that but our nurse is only out on leave, and it's neither here nor there at this point.

She'll go in for a lining check again on Thurs, July 25, the day we leave for vacation (to a beach near Charleston, SC).

So... we're trying to figure out if I just fly home for 24 hours from the beach to meet K halfway through the week the following week (July 31) or whether we cut our vacation short by a day and we come home together and do the transfer on Aug 2.

I hate having to roll with the punches and uncertainty with all of this. My anxiety is heightened enough without it having to work harder at balance. But we know that this is all part of the surro-coaster, and in the end, it's not the biggest deal.

Here's to hoping it just works.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

We Have a Transfer Date!

Whoa. Lots to get to this point. But we did it, in 6 months. (Can't believe how long this process takes even with a known surrogate!).

So, July 24th it is! My sister-in-law is scheduled for the embryo transfer then and I'm more hopeful than I thought I'd be.

I think I'm also super proud of us getting to this point. B and I felt such elation and relief on Tuesday when we got legal clearance. That was HUGE!

When I checked 'schedule transfer date' off my list, I felt like I should've been checking 10 checks or having rainbows and confetti fall from my screen!



And July 24 is in 3 weeks!!! Which is soon. 

(And I calculated that if this works, that means an April birth which also feels... soon, which is an odd feeling given that I thought this next baby would be in our lives by about now).

I'm feeling grateful that I've got my meds figured out and that I've resolved my digestive issues (who knew that fiber supplements could work wonders!), it's been incredibly easy working with K - she's on top of everything, I'm enjoying my job tremendously right now and really relishing in my little boy who will be 2 this weekend!

Life is good and I am hopeful. Yay!