Thursday, July 4, 2019

We Have a Transfer Date!

Whoa. Lots to get to this point. But we did it, in 6 months. (Can't believe how long this process takes even with a known surrogate!).

So, July 24th it is! My sister-in-law is scheduled for the embryo transfer then and I'm more hopeful than I thought I'd be.

I think I'm also super proud of us getting to this point. B and I felt such elation and relief on Tuesday when we got legal clearance. That was HUGE!

When I checked 'schedule transfer date' off my list, I felt like I should've been checking 10 checks or having rainbows and confetti fall from my screen!



And July 24 is in 3 weeks!!! Which is soon. 

(And I calculated that if this works, that means an April birth which also feels... soon, which is an odd feeling given that I thought this next baby would be in our lives by about now).

I'm feeling grateful that I've got my meds figured out and that I've resolved my digestive issues (who knew that fiber supplements could work wonders!), it's been incredibly easy working with K - she's on top of everything, I'm enjoying my job tremendously right now and really relishing in my little boy who will be 2 this weekend!

Life is good and I am hopeful. Yay!

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