Thursday, January 19, 2012

The IVF Road

We've started IVF! In fact, transfer is tomorrow.

It's been both less scary than I thought... and then there were some parts I didn't anticipate.

Meds: Getting the big box of medications was an adventure. It IS overwhelming, and I kinda freaked out when I saw it all. Plus, I hate - yes, hate - needles, so looking at that wasn't good for me.  And, I mistakenly threw out the trigger shot (I thought it was just an ice pack!). Fortunately, the pharmacy took pity on me and sent me another free of charge. Phew!

Shots: Since I hate needles, what was my trick? Luckily, my husband saved the day, and all injection days, by learning all there is to know about giving me shots and I didn't have to learn any of it. I just iced myself numb and watched a fun video (from our trip to Vietnam and more specifically of Halong Bay, my dream place!) while he poked me everday, some twice a day.

Monitoring: Yes, and all those monitoring appointments! I was determined to lead a normal life throughout this and even biked to my doc's appts!! I want to try to be the IVF patient who does not gain weight! So, yes, I biked... Proud of me? You should be! (It's really only 1.5 miles each way... but the way back is up a hill, and it's been pretty cold, so I deserve kudos for that extra effort!). :)

Retrieval: Then comes retrieval time. I got a bit freaked about that, especially since I didn't realize the 'antibiotic' they give you the day before makes you get severe diarrhea... well, at least it did for me, so that wasn't fun. But, they got 8 eggs! Very exciting. (Even though I overheard a woman next to me get 30!!  -- They told me 8 of my quality ones were good).

I was pretty sore after retrieval and tired in general. Not sure if it's from the procedure or from the drugs or both.

The report so far: 5 fertilized and all 5 are doing well.

Next step: transfer tomorrow (probably just 1; will confer with doc today/tomorrow morning), and then a 2 week wait!

I'm hopeful... :)


  1. That sounds like your cycle went really well and that's awesome that you biked to your appointments. I've been going to my monitoring appointments and I'm just having fun cruising in my mustang and blasting the radio while I drive across town. Good luck with the transfer!! Sending good thoughts and prayers your way!!

  2. So hopeful for you!!! Sounds like a wonderful cycle, its definitely about quality not quantity! Hope transfer goes smoothly & you gets lots of rest and relaxation after!!

  3. 5 out of 8 eggs fertilized is great! Yes, egg retrieval is surgery, so you being sore and tired is normal. The drugs and the procedure are hard on the body.

    Your biking to and from appointment is admirable. You are a trooper!

  4. Thinking of you and wishing you peace on your journey wherever it leads.

  5. Wow! This is very exciting ! Crossing my fingers for you.

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