Tuesday, March 27, 2012

FET #1 Scheduled

We're in the birth control pill stage of our first frozen cycle. We have 2 frozen embryos from our first IVF and are moving forward again. We plan to transfer just 1.

Just ordered my meds which cost WAY, WAY, WAY less than the IVF cycle and expect to get my period next Tues. It's exciting to be moving forward again.

I am NOT looking forward to the shots in my bum every 3 days though. That was a real disappointment to hear. And that they'd have to continue to the pregnancy test - and beyond if we test positively. They tell me that it won't hurt as bad as some of my bum shots from before... I hope that is the case!

In the meantime, my regular dentist visit showed me that I have FIVE cavities. FIVE! I still can't get over it. My dentist said that pregnancy can mess with your teeth (even early on pregnancy and the hormones I may be taking for IVF). I also have a decaying wisdom tooth. So, trying to get 3 not-so-fun appointments in to take care of all of this before transfer.

I'm also back to running. Still slow, but can do 30 mins now and it does so much good for my mental state!

Transfer date is set for Mon, April 23... stay tuned! We're excited to be moving forward again...


  1. Yay for scheduling the FET! I found the FET process to be WAY less stressful than the regular IVF process. Fingers crossed!

  2. fabulous news. hoping it all goes well. you have had quite a ride lately. hoping things go smoothly from here on out