Thursday, August 4, 2016

Progress with Our Potential Surrogate, L

We've been moving forward with the 3rd option that came our way, purely organically.

The 2nd one (from church) backed out... unfortunately, she still really wanted to do it but she's separating from her husband and thought he might cause problems. And I was a little concerned after I learned that she got pregnant on her 3rd IVF. I'm not sure she would have passed the medical record review.

In the meantime, one of my brother's best friends in May came forward wanting to do this. It seemed unlikely and more a result of a statement made over a couple of beers and a nice sentiment. He texted me that night and said L wants to be your surrogate to which I said 'are you serious?' and then he said 'call me' and I did. He handed me the phone and it was her.

We really didn't know what to say to each other. It was very awkward for such an emotional topic but she said she was serious and I said great and that I'd forward her our agency's info and let's talk the following week to make sure she truly did want to do it.

And things just progressed from there.

The biggest hurdle so far was having her pass the medical records screening with our doctor. I felt like once we got that ok, I figured everything else would likely go well. On June 22, she had that appt and our doctor gave her the thumbs up and I literally got down on my knees sobbing for joy and thanking God that this really felt like a miracle. That I really felt like this could actually finally happen for us. I was so overcome with emotion.

She's since had the psych eval and we've spent a couple of meals with her, her husband and child and while it's still slightly awkward because we really don't know each other that well AND they are doing this huge thing for us, but it's also very easy so it feels all good.

August 10 is the next big day for us. Medical tests for her and our joint counseling session.

If that goes well, she'll go into a mock cycle to make sure her hormones are responding appropriately and then into contracts.

We are so hoping for a transfer sometime this fall.

Fingers and toes crossed. And lots more prayers. :)


  1. Wow!! Yes. all is crossed here. Been thinking of you! Keep us updated when you can! :)

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