Saturday, June 29, 2013

Two Embryos in the Oven

I've got two embryos in the oven and hoping for the best.

We did PGD testing on our embryos again and this was the first time our clinic could offer us same cycle transfer with the testing. They shipped our biopsies on day 5 and they were shipped back by 9am the next day for a Day 6 transfer!

We got 11 eggs, did ICSI (which is recommended for PGD testing) and 8 fertilized. Of the 8, 5 were ready by Day 5 for biopsy and of those 5, only 2 came back with normal genetics. Those 2 were a grade 2 out of 4 and a grade 2-3 out of 4 (whatever that means).

Our doctor recommended we transfer two based on this. With a single transfer, we would have had a 35% chance of pregnancy. With transferring two, we have a 60% chance of a single pregnancy and a 25% chance of twins.

Let's see what happens. I hope I can remain peaceful in this 2 week wait and particularly peaceful if it's a negative result. I think I can.

And I'm also concerned that even if it's a positive result on July 8, that something will happen 1-2 weeks after that as it has to us so many times now, but this is why we're doing all this genetic testing.

I've got to stay hopeful and peaceful.


  1. Oh dear friend, I'm holding hope with you that you'll soon be able to celebrate and relax with a long healthy pregnancy! Wish I could fast forward through the next several weeks for you!!! Sending thoughts and hope your way!

  2. It sounds like a really really good cycle! I wish for you peaceful thoughts as you get through this initial wait and of course a healthy pregnancy! Hang in there :)

  3. I;m curious--does PGD tell you what exactly was "wrong" with the other 3 embryos?

    This all sounds so wonderful! Keep us posted!

  4. I just found your blog and wanted to stop in and wish you the very best luck. Hopefully the next few weeks are kind to you ((HUGE HUGS)

  5. Sending you good thoughts on this cycle, sounds very promising so far!