Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Anything Can Happen If You Let It

A couple of weeks ago we took my 6 year old nephew to see Ma.ry Pop.pins - and what a treat it was!

In fact, Ma.ry Pop.pins sent me an email yesterday, which is adorable (but for some reason I can't save the middle of this which bascially wants you to go to the face.book and twi.tter pages):

I couldn't get the song "Anything Can Happen if You Let it" out of my head yesterday. And it made me sooooo happy and sooooo positive & hopeful.

The play and all its songs are so whimsical, carefree and brought me back to a time in childhood when you can truly believe that anything is possible!

Pardon my over-optimism today but I'll share it with you in the hopes of infusing some happy thoughts into your day today!


  1. My hubs took me to See Mary Poppins this spring, is was such a fun show!

  2. I must have watched Mary Poppins a thousand times when I was little. I always wanted to walk on cloud-stairs made of soot and to jump into chalk drawings.... ah, this takes me back!

    Go optimism! Take it where you can get it, I say. ;)

  3. That's so cute they sent you a letter. I'd really love to see it.

  4. How cute! I used to watch the movie all the time. I have to see the play!!
    Happy ICLW!

  5. Oh that is adorable and I'll have to keep an eye out if it comes to the area. We could all use a little Mary Poppins in our life!


  6. Loved Mary Poppins growing up & I love musicals too, definitely will have to check it out...I could use a dose of happiness & optimism. Glad to hear you're in such a good place at the moment:)

  7. I want to see Mary Poppins so bad!!!! The letter is adorable!

    ICLW #55

  8. We can always use more positive and happy thoughts so THANKYOU!

  9. glad you had fun at Mary Poppins. I bet it was great.