Saturday, August 28, 2010

In My Mind I'm Gone to Caro.lina...

South Carolina, that is!  A much deserved and anticipated vacation that we planned in January of this year. We're off to Ed.isto Island, an hour south of Charleston, SC to share a house with some friends for the week.

I'm hoping for some major relaxation since I pushed it too hard going back to work this week after fibroid surgery 10 days ago.

Enjoy the last days of summer!


  1. I grew up in Charleston and am so envious that you'll be on Edisto!!! Have a great trip and definitely take it easy. :)

  2. Have fun! I am jealous, I so badly need a holiday!!


  3. Have a wonderful time away - we will miss you!

    Lily - The Infertile Mind

  4. Thanks for stopping by to say hi today :)
    SO glad your vacation is south of where Earl decided to visit! Im in the Carolina above where you are--but thank goodness, further inland.
    Wishing you a peaceful remainder of your vacation! Dig your toes far into the sand!