Monday, September 6, 2010

Sleep. Eat. Read.

That's what my vaca basically entailed. Here are some re-cap thoughts on our time in, SC:
  • I was really tired still from fibroid surgery and slept A LOT
  • I felt the pangs of infertility watching the other 3 couples with their kids... us with none
  • My husband's friend's wives/girlfriends are great and were interested in knowing more about our journey
  • Ended up finding out that one of the women is 37, hoping to get married next year and also has a fibroid, and is scared about it affecting her infertility
  • Another woman is on her second pregnancy but has had recurring miscarriages - two before her first child and two before this current pregnancy
  • We ate a lot
  • There was a lot of book swapping going on therefore I got to read some good stuff
  • We played App.les to App.les one of my favorite games!
Here's a fun visual re-cap of our time (minus me sleeping!):


  1. I love apples to apples too!!! I swear we'd be good friends in the "real" world:) Little Bee was a good book too. Glad you had a good time & that the others were open to learning more about your journey, I think it's always a bit therapeutic to be able to talk about your struggles and it's good for others to learn that babies don't just come easy to everyone. Just goes to show you never know what battles people are fighting unless you are open with each other.

  2. And I love Apples to Apples too! Although my hubby pretty much hates that game. Do women simply like it better than men?

    Thats great that you were able to share with other women. It never ceases to amazes me that every time I open my mouth about our IF someone else shares about their own struggle, or the struggle of someone close to them.

    I hope you were able to get somewhat refreshed on your vacation! :)

  3. I LOVE apples to apples! And all that food looks amazing! A little jealous here! :)


  4. food looks delish! what is apples to apples?

  5. All that good food.... makes me want some!!!! I'll have to look up some up some of those books... hope you're doing ok:)