Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dear Anonymous Poster:

You are awesome. You made my day. I wish I could find you to learn more about you and thank you for your comments to me.

When I posted Sadness Triggered, you wrote me a long comment about your struggles and how you can completely relate. You talked about how, despite all you've seen in your military life, infertility has affected you like nothing else has.

Gosh, my heart went out to you and your wife. You gave me that virtual hug I really needed.

I have no idea how you found me... and how I can find you but I want you to know that your comment made a difference and I thank you.


  1. I am quite often a lurker on your blog (as well as several others.) I too am plagued by infertility with no explanation why; the only answer I recieve to the testing is "everything is normal" and after 3 miscarriages, a d&c and other procedures it is hard to think of this as "normal."

    Infertility is disheartening and heartbreaking, however one of the more difficult parts for me is the frustration at other people and the insensitivity that I experience. The careless comments by friends and family hurt the most. "Maybe it was just meant to be" or "just relax, it'll happen" make me want to do bodily harm.

    I read your (and others') blog to try and rationalize my feelings and to know that I am not alone. I don't want there to be other people out there that share my irritation and sometimes utter disgust for people and they way they handle someone's infertility but it gives me comfort that someone, somewhere understands.

    Please just know that as "anonymous" has touched you, you touch many others by sharing your thoughts and feelings. You help those of us without the right words to express ourselves.

  2. I was very touched by the anonymous commenter too. It's nice to hear it from a male's perspective.