Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Miscarriages on TV These Days

Anyone watch the season finale to Gr.ey's Ana.tomy last week? How about this past Sunday's Wi.ves?

If you've DVR'd them and haven't watched yet, don't read on until you have or I'll ruin it for you... well, I guess I may have already with my title.

Not the right time for me to be watching these, I'll tell you. It was water works galore for me. Both Meredith and Roxy experienced miscarriages in these episodes though Meredith's was a bit unbelieveable (though what exactly on Gr.ey's Ana.tomy is believeable???).

On the one hand, they were really sad for me and I really did cry... on the other hand, it was nice to see, in particular with Wi.ves, and how it was handled with Roxy portraying it even if it was almost a little too much Mar.ley & Me with the dog cuddling up to her and all.

But I could completely relate. She was down. Couldn't really talk about it. Was in a complete funk. All of that.

I'm sure many of us can relate to it. I completely did.  Especially knowing that I'm on somewhat of a brink of experiencing this again right now. Should know later today what my hCG is...


  1. you have been on my mind for TWO days....thinking and wondering how you were doing and hoping that all goes well... I'm here for you and I am so sorry that you have to go through all this... (((( HUGE HUG)))))) Keep us all posted.

  2. Hope your hcg rises nicely! I think it's great that shows are tackling it. Funnily enough, that is exactly what got me through it, my big lab. He curled up next to me and what lick me whenever I sobbed. So I can relate to that angle.

    Fingers crossed for you!