Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Capt Su.lly's Book & Infertility

Remember Captain Su.lly who landed the plane in the Hudson River and was commended for bringing everyone aboard to safety? He published a book last year called High.est Duty.

I haven't read it but my father-in-law has. He knows about our struggles, and  I've written about him before about his compassion to us in my Blessing from my Father in Love post.

Well, father in love has once again reached out to let me know how much "Su.lly's" infertility struggles touched him because of what we're going through. He says:

I have the pages from Sully's book for you. Chapter 5 (pg. 66) is entitled "The Gift of Girls." It tells of meeting his wife and much of their lives together. However, the births of their daughters begins at the bottom of page 78 and goes through the end of the chapter Pg. 86. It is really touching and very emotional to me. Hope you enjoy it.

Well, I just so happened to be in an airport this weekend and picked it up while I was waiting for my flight and read those pages he picked out for me.

I was touched by it. I was touched by Su.lly's struggle, by the lack of science available to he and his wife at the time compared to us, by the amazing gift they were given of adoption.

If you get a chance to read these pages, I'm sure you'll appreciate it as much as I did... and you can thank my father-in-love for passing it on!


  1. Oh, I'll have to look for that. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I have given you an award on my blog !!

  3. Thanks for the info, you know I'm always looking for another good read & this one definitely sounds like it!!!
    Also thanks for the comment on my blog post. As far as good books to give as gifts one that I bought last week which I LOVE & think would be a perfect shower gift is On the Night You Were Born by Nancy Tillman, it's so such a sweet story! Love is a Handful of Honey is a cute book too. And lastly I LOVE the green start children's book series, I purchased several of these, here is a link that explains them & gives you info on those too...
    Happy shopping & reading:)