Monday, July 5, 2010

Not Such an Uphill Road but an Incline?

I'm stuck on this journey feeling like it's a steep, steep uphill road with no end in sight - no ultimate goal in sight - our own biological children.

But does it have to seem that way? How can I make it not seem so hard, so far out of sight?

A friend who recently went through infertility problems gave me her insight when I explained my latest quandry over these thoughts and I thought I'd share them since they've seeped in and made me look at things in a different way:

I know that feeling extremely well. I felt so often like I couldn’t even get out of the gate, how was I ever going to get to the finish line. But I do really believe that it can’t be that challenging at each step, just a matter of getting past the one that is holding you (one, I mean, not you specifically) up. Does that make sense?

 Like for me, if I could just produce enough eggs for them to get a couple, the rest of the steps should be doable. And for you, once you get past whatever is stopping them from sticking, the other steps won’t be an issue (or any more than they would for any other person). Does that bring any comfort? It helped me, just knowing it wasn’t entirely up hill, just a really steep incline for that one step!

I hope she's right. One steep incline. Okay. I can do this.

I think...


  1. You CAN do this!! and that is really good insight. For me, getting pregnant is not my GIANT STEP, it's growing a heartbeat. It's true, we just have to take one step at a time.

  2. I like the way she thinks! And yes, you CAN do this! I have faith! :)

  3. I love that. Just getting past the step that is holding us up. Beautiful words. You can do this!!

  4. I like her analogy... one step at a time... maybe that's how we should look at it.

  5. You can do it ! The first step is the hardest and then things get rolling. Kinda. :)