Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Operation: Get My Body Back - Week 6

I haven't been highlighting this program week to week necessarily but it's still going on!

How are you doing with it?

I had a little set-back after my trip to NYC but I worked really hard at it last week, even over the 4th of July weekend and I'm back down to where I was before NYC. My weigh in is Thursday, so I hope I can maintain this or make it better!

I keep being inspired by what my friend, Hannah says: "If I'm not pregnant, I'm going to be skinny."

And I was feeling skinnier this morning. Just gotta keep it up. And how, you ask?
  • Writing it Down! Yes, ladies (and gentlemen!) - it does work. I'm so less likely to eat more if I write it all down!
  • Exercise. Well, it's too hot for running this week, which is too bad because I was starting to get back into it, having ran 2x last week. BUT I am committed to bik.ram yoga (yes, I'm self-torturing by going into a hot room!). I did that 4x last week. Yay!
  • Weighing In. I felt it was too cruel to weigh in last week and attend my meeting after having indulged so much on my trip and having gotten my period. BUT I will this week. The Thurs meeting speaker is a barrel of laughs, so I feel like I'm going to a mini-comedy show on Thursdays at lunch!
How's your week going? I've been inspired by some of you...

Who else inspires me? Did you know that Sweet Pea started a blog called The Weight is Over. I'm loving it! And I actually really love the Wei.ght Wat.chers' CEO's blog too - Man Meets Scale. Check it out for your inspiration!


  1. I am doing pretty well. Been journaling my food everyday, exercising and I am off to Yoga tommorrow. So looking forward to that !!

    Keep up the good work, you are inspiring me too !

  2. I made a cute food journal to write in. I figured if I made something cute, it would make me want to use it more. And its working!

    Keep it up!

  3. That's great! I'm impressed by your goals :)

  4. I'm so inspired by you! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE Hannah's words!! I'm stealing that. :)

  5. Great job with writing everything that you eat down on paper...that is not an easy thing to do! You go, girl! :)

  6. Great job getting right back on track! I had done so well (lost 9 pounds in 3 weeks) but then lost all motivation in the past 10 days. I haven't gained, but I haven't lost any either. I'm going to take some inspiration from your success and get back on track tomorrow.

  7. Haha - I said something similar not long ago 'If I can't be pregnant then I might as well be hot and not pregnant!' All the best with your weight loss!

  8. Wow you're really good with all of this !
    I have let my journal go but I am going to pick it up again. Last time I weighed myself was last week and I had finally lost a pound !
    Since getting 4 of my teeth extracted last night I am unable to go to the gym until Monday and it bums me out. I have been checking all those magazines so I can shake it up.