Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Celebrity Musings, Exercise & Happenings

Goodness - have you all heard of Ce.line Di.on's news? Her 6th IVF was successful - with twins. Six. Six!

I can't even begin to imagine what six might feel like. Geez. So amazing for her. Makes me wonder if I should start doing acupuncture (she did). Congrats to her!

And what's this with Al and Tip.per??? I just don't get it. My pastor wrote a very thought provoking blogpost called Usefuleness if anyone is interested. It questions how & why we make relationships expendable... interesting spiritual food for thought.

Operation: Get My Body Back started out strong... I went running yesterday morning - 3 miles. AND I went to bik.ram last night but I started to not feel well. At all. In fact, 1/3 of the way in, I had to lay down on the mat, for the rest of the time. That's a long time. The class is 1 1/2 hours long. I felt miserable.

My stomach hurt when I got home. I thought maybe I was dehydrated. My dear husband made me some food. I felt better.

Then at 3am, I woke up with blood dripping down my leg and blood all over the sheets. I couldn't believe it. My period had ended 2 days ago. I just had pantyliner blood during the day yesterday. This, though, was an incredible amount.

Luckily B was sleeping in another room (forgot to get Clar.itin and he snores pretty loudly without it!), so cleaning up all that blood was not disruptive to him. But not fun at 3am either.

So... I decided to take the exercise easy for now. I may run or swim tomorrow but no That is intense and I have to ease back into this. My doc said that blood may be leftover disruption from the miscarriage.

I'm excited for those of you who were interested in Operation: Get My Body Back... so let's keep at it! What have you done so far this week?

In other news, I'm excited for our annual Company Day on Friday. Being in HR, I'm essentially responsible for putting it altogether - presentations and team building activities. All 80 of our employees will be in town from other offices and signficant others are invited to a bowling event in the evening.

And then I'm excited for Saturday. Our church works really closely with this organization called Court.ney's, which gets girls out of prostitution and into safe houses. It's remarkable work. This weekend, our church is putting together one of the rooms in this safe house. We painted last week and I'll be going over this weekend to get furniture we've gotten from craigs.list and get nice inspirational things for the walls, etc. So incredibly meaningful and had kept me going recently.


  1. If money wasn't an option, I could be persuaded to do 6 too! Perserverance is key!
    I also heard that Mariah Carey is preggers - lots of speculation after seeing her and Nick coming out of a clinic. Papparazzi makes me laugh.

    Operation Body Back - After my day today, I should get my ass in gear, but I am just stuck in a rut. However, I did go on a run lastnight - 30 min non stop. My goal is to lose 20, but realistically, I just want to strive for 10 right now since in between treatments doesn't help.

  2. YOU INSPIRE ME!!! 6 IVFs is a bit much but in her case totally worth it and of course it helps to have the income to do it all. This has been kind of a bad week for me emotionally so I've not done any working out... but soon I will be back at it....your church sounds great.... love what they are doing for the community.... I wish I could be apart of that. I'm going now to read your pastor's blogpost... hope you have a good day:0)

  3. Ah Céline.
    I hope you're okay after last night. Take it easy a bit, like you said.
    Well, today I have gone to the gym and have done 2x10 minutes of cardio and 40 minutes weights. It feels good after no pilates and zumba in a while. Lots of walking but...
    I'm thinking of hiring a personal trainer in the hope of going to the "big gym" where all the boys are. I'm incredibly intimidated by that gym, I prefer the smaller one downstairs. I do my own programs but maybe I could benefit from a professional eye. Aaaaah it feels good to write this to you all.

  4. Wow, you did do a lot yesterday no wonder you weren't feeling great, good idea to take it a bit easier initially! The work your church is doing sounds amazing, what an incredible thing to be a part of!

  5. Oh wow, I saw the stories about Celine a few months back and hadn't heard her sixth one was successful, yay. But yeah, six.

    Your pastor's blog post was great. What a good point on usefulness.

    And helping with that house - incredible! The women's group at my church has been praying for the girls and women caught in the s.ex trafficking trade. We've been raising money for Shared Hope. That's awesome that you get to actually help with a safe house!

    And oh, be careful with your exercising! That would freak me out to have that happen in the middle of the night. Poor thing! Hope you're feeling ok today. And I was only down .4 at WW today. But at least I was down after two BBQs and my mom's retirement party last night.


  6. Thanks for sharing your pastor's post - very insightful! I know I don't stop by often enough but please know I'm thinking of you!