Sunday, June 13, 2010

Operation: Get My Body Back - Week 3

I am loving this new initiative I created and love that so many of you have gotten behind it! It's inspiring to me to read about what you're doing!

Here's where I am:
  • Writing down what I eat: I did a pretty good job this week, of course until we traveled and I was away on Sat & Sun and probably eating more poorly than I would have otherwise
  • Weighing in: I still need to sign back up for WW (I let my monthly pass lapse when we did our last cycle)... I will do that this week AND weigh in. The Thursday leader is such a comedy show - I really enjoy going that day! My unofficial weigh in Friday night was decent but I need to make this official so I can actually track
  • Exercise: I ran 1x this week, rode my bike everyday to work and to after work events and did bik.ram yoga 2x - I LOVE bik.ram yoga - it makes me so much more conscious of my body and what I'm putting in it. It's also what really brought my weight down earlier this year, after the last miscarriage.
  • This Week: I commit to bik.ram yoga 3-4x, 1-2 runs, biking to work, writing down what I eat and keeping to my points allotment!!! and weighin in.
And in other news:
  • Travel to NJ - We went to NJ this weekend for my cousin's baby's puja, which is an Indian version of a baptism. It was really nice to see them all again. And we took my parents too, so was nice to have some family time. BUT all that travel has got me exhausted!!
  • India project - Work continues to be busy with our Indian office operations... we have some big meetings this week to decide our timelines for everything. I'd still like to know when I'm going!!
And on the IF front:
  • I need to schedule an MRI and then get a consult w/a doc who will do a fibroid surgery on me. I'd like to try to get this done in July, probably travel to India in Aug, and then try for another cycle in Sept/Oct.
  • I feel like I've been too busy to process the miscarriage, which is partially good. I also feel like many people's prayers must be working, which may be why I'm not feeling the impact of the pain as much
  • I found myself, though, almost wanting to cry when I did bik.ram yoga this week. Something about that yoga brings out the emotions, so that's good that it surfaces, I guess...
  • I've been a pretty bad commenter lately, but I am reading & trying to comment when I can. Once works returns to a bit more normalcy, I'll get back into it :)
Happy beginning of the week & for Operation: Get My Body Back, tell me how you did last week & what you are committing to for this week!


  1. Wow you are doing great !
    I have been active with walking, zumba, toning. I have written everything I ate and I weighed myself...surprise ! No change. Oh well. Besides PMS, feeling that whatever I do doen't make much of a difference I pigged out this weekend. Then I realized that my weight has been stable for a long while and it won't budge so I might as well concentrate on the objective that made me start it all in 2006 : my long-term health. Now I'm off to call the Y for an evaluation ! Wish that my body has 3% fat and 75% muscle and the rest is brains. :)

  2. You are doing great! I've been keeping to my points and weighing in, but I've been skipping exercise when life gets busy. I know you're really supposed to do the opposite, aren't you? :)