Monday, June 28, 2010

Friend's Loss - Needs Support

I'm just logging back on after having been away for a few days and read the most unimaginable post.

I've felt like I've grown close to Rebecca, enjoying her posts, finding her in my infancy of blogging and was compelled to want to continue with her on her journey after she had a successful IVF shortly after I met her online.

On Sunday, at 22 weeks, she prematurely went into labor and only had her daughter for a few minutes. I couldn't believe when I read her posting Unimaginable Loss. What the heck is this about? was my first reaction and then I got scared. I clicked on it and immediately said Nooooooo and started to cry and I kept reading.

My heart go out to her and her husband. So incredibly unfair!!!

Please, please give her your support. I know many of you follow her already and know you've visited with her. She could use many, many hugs right now.


  1. There's been lots of bad news round the blogosphere lately. And this story is just so very sad.:( So unfair.

  2. Oh I cried reading her post just now. Thanks for sharing as I'll be praying for her today!