Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Determined Joy of Meeting (a Blog Friend)!

I have been excited for about 2-3 months knowing that my friend from Determined to Have Joy was going to be in my area for work!

We clicked almost instantaneously last winter via our blogs and began emailing each other on the side. So, when she told me she was coming to DC, I got a bit nervous. I'd wondered if I should even suggest meeting in person, contemplating that sometimes an online relationship needs to stay online... That maybe this amazing relationship we've developed would fizzle once we actually met in person.

But, no!

Last night, I met her in person and it exceeded my expectations! We had so much fun and talked 'deep stuff' too!

How amazing that we can find friends online who know some of our deepest emotions that we don't really share with others, or who others in our 'real life' just don't seem to get as much!! What a true joy!

She's currently on a hiatus from blogging but I hope she'll be back, not just in blog-land but in DC too! :)

(Pretty fitting for me (given my reluctance to 'come out') that our pic came out blurry)!


  1. One of my blogging buddies has become one of my closest friends...its funny how online meetings can bring people together. I think there are some of us who best express ourself in writing and it makes it easier to connect with people when you meet IRL because they understand so much about you.

  2. Awe, this post just made me smile! I'm so glad you guys got the opportunity to meet and had such a fantastic time together, it's amazing how life brings some of us together:)

  3. That is awesome. Glad you guys could meet up.

  4. I'm happy for you! Friendship is so important. It gets us through the rough patches and elevates the good moments.

  5. Thank you soooooo stated previously it was a blessing for us to you friend!

  6. That is so incredibly cool. Maybe we'll meet someday, too? :)