Wednesday, October 20, 2010

No Drug Option?

At my support group last week, a woman was talking about how she's doing a no-drug IVF cycle (aka cy.cle IVF). Interesting, I thought.

And then it wouldn't leave my head. I kept thinking about it. Part of what I haven't liked about our IUIs is that the drugs make me a crazy person. I remember asking our clinic if they would do IUI for us without drugs and they said they wouldn't recommend it. Not knowing much about anything at the time, we just went along with what they recommended.

But now, with 3 IUIs under my belt, I am more informed. And I'm about to be more informed. I'm curious to meet with this new clinic and discuss no drug IUI or IVF, and I'm especially curious about IVF. I always thought I'd have mixed feelings on it but now that there is an option that wouldn't make me a total crazy person and would increase our chances without the cost or invasiveness being insane, I want to know more.

The support group helped tremendously last week. And I want to make sure I keep a peaceful state of mind, but I also think I'm ready to get this show on the road again.

Do you know more about no drug/natu.ral cycle options? Can you share?


  1. I've heard of plenty of folks doing a nonmedicated IUI; IVF, I cant even imagine since the idea is to get more than one follicle to rupture.

  2. Yeah. How would they harvest multiple eggs? I'm going to google this.

  3. I have never heard of a non-medicated IVF but would be curious. The drugs would be fertilizer for my endometriosis so it's not even an option for me. Good luck!

    Here for ICLW

  4. I have heard of low dose IVF but not no meds. In low dose, you usually do a series of retrievals to get a good number (i think). I have never done this.
    I did do un-medicated IUI's b/c I had a natural pregnancy (did not end with a healthy baby) and my RE thinks that perhaps a reaction to meds is creating issues with implantation. I did 3 unmedicated IUI's all BFN, we are now back to IVF with meds but we will freeze the embryos and transfer them back in an unmedicated cycle. Hope this helps.

  5. So interesting! If only I had a guarantee that I had any eggs at all :( Let us know if you hear anything else about it!