Saturday, October 2, 2010

Trying to Stay Positive

I've been pretty silent lately. This is the most I've gone without writing since I've started blogging.

I partially think that I don't have much to say right now. We're post- fibroid surgery. And nothing much has been going on except getting my energy back slowly (7 weeks now and still can't do the cow pose in yoga!!! hoping for a couple more weeks). I did start running this week and biking to/from work. That was big.

I have been traveling - to Chicago for work & fun... and to the NC Outer Banks for some relaxation with friends.

But mostly I've been trying to stay positive. I realize that I've been negative and just not feeling like myself. And wonder how it's affected my friendships, my family relationships, my marriage, and the relationship I have with myself. We've all gone through this "I just don't feel like myself" feeling.

So, I've been trying to focus on the positive and surround myself with positive thoughts and somehow focus on them more than I normally would with the hope that they will stay and radiate within me.

While in Chicago at an artistic bookstore, I bought this book called "The Little Things" that is visually pleasing where each page is dedicated to a postive thought with a quote. The titles alone are enough to keep me going:
  • Living with intention
  • Staying optimistic
  • Something to hope for
  • Having faith
  • Making every moment count
  • Being grateful
  • Taking the scenic route
  • Enjoying the journey
I want to fully embrace life NOW. I want to stop waiting for when we have children. I want to live in the now and radiate positivity.

I also want to believe in the future. This store also had these wall art frames (that I regret not getting) with the words: Love, Hope and Believe on them. I want this to be my mantra.

Rachel from The Pughs really helped too. She and her husband made an ah-mazing adoption book and throughout it radiates incredible love, faith, hope and positivity. Thank you, Rachel! You've helped to re-focus me and keep me positive!


  1. I have been worried about you however I am happy to see that you are doing well. I beleive we all need to take some time to step back, regroup and move ahead from time to time...this just happens to be your time.

    I believe you are moving in a more positive, optimisitc direction in your life full of new beginnings !


  2. Missed you here, but glad to hear you're trying to focus on the positive and live in the now...I need to try and do more of this myself! Much love my friend.

  3. Living in the now, wanting to be happy in this moment, this is all so good ! I'm glad you are coming back to the Force. :)
    Chhesy, I know, I'm a fan of Star Wars.

  4. Glad to have you back and with a fresh take on life. We all need to refocus from time to time. It is great when there are so many people out there doing things that inspire us to move in that direction

  5. Sounds like a wonderful book. I hope you're able to stay positive! Glad to see that you're back.

  6. Thank you for your sweet compliments! I'm blushing! ;) Praying for you!