Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Awesome S*x

Yes, we had that kind of Saturday this weekend. :)

And then my mind started playing games on me... those very few times where we have s*x and I don't think about my cycle at all. And as I was basking in my awesomeness state, I thought - how cool would it be if I got pregnant the one time in a long time when I didn't actually think about it and one of the few times recently where I've been able to let go enough to have awesome s*x?

But then I started analyzing things more... and even though I'm around 2 weeks in, I think I was a few days too late.

Oh well.

Maybe it will happen one day. Where I can let go completely, enjoy myself profusely, and have a baby the way we're supposed to have babies.


1 comment:

  1. Girl I know just what you mean.... one of the main reasons that I decided to take a break from ttc was because it COMPLETELY ruined our s*x.... we no longer made love... it became a chore.... but we are back in the saddle and it's AWESOME!!!! So glad you enjoyed it all... hope there's plenty of that good stuff to come:)