Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ready for IUI & No Running (Thank You!)

I am READY!! Yay!

We are triggering tonight for IUI on Thurs. I feel really good about this. I have one follicle that is 26mm - that's really good. I haven't had one that big yet. Another is 18 and then a bunch of medium-sized ones. Potential chance of multiples my doc says.

Because this is IUI #3 he says he would set up an appt to discuss other options if this doesn't work. I think I want to do that during the 2ww because I want to be prepared with an action plan if this one doesn't work.

And as for running the 1/2 marathon this weekend... I won't. Thanks for all your advice about it yesterday. I guess I wasn't thinking straight. I'll check with my doctor but I'd much rather be on the safer side for this. Only hard part is fibbing to my parents. The race was up near where they live and I really don't want to tell them about this IUI so I think I'm just going to tell them that I don't think I've trained enough for it...

Thanks again for all your support!!


  1. Yay!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!! Thinking positive thoughts for you! :)

  2. Good luck with the IUI!! Glad to hear you decided not to do the marathon. It is best to get plenty of rest after the procedure. Hoping the 2ww will go by fast for you.

  3. Found your blog and wanted to say good luck!

  4. Good luck with the IUI--I'd have the next steps appt during the 2ww too, just so that I felt prepared if I needed to be. I know it was important for my DH and I to feel in control and that was really the only way to be in control, to know what are next step was going to be.

    And I would not run the race either--ovarian torsion is a real bad problem and can happen with heavy exercise during stimulation cycles.

    Happy ICLW!

  5. Sending positive thoughts & prayers your way that this is the cycle for you! Glad to hear you're not going to risk it on the race too...there will be plenty more of those in the future. You could always tell your parents you're not feeling well enough that day? Best of luck & will be thinking of you:)

  6. Yay! I'll be thinking of you! (Good call on the race!)

  7. Happy ICLW!(#70)
    I wanted to wish you good luck with this IUI. I hope it leads you to a BFP!