Friday, February 26, 2010

Giuliana & Bill Rancic on The View

For those who don't subscribe to Resolve's emails, the Exec Director, Barbara Collura, sent out a note yesterday saying (and I'm going to tweak slightly):

On Thursday I tuned into ABC’s The View to watch two RESOLVE volunteers share their personal stories. Much to my surprise, the entire HOUR of the show was dedicated to infertility. They had a doctor talking about the facts, celebrity couple Giuliana & Bill Rancic talking about their pursuit to be parents, and three personal stories from people, just like you and me. Even Barbara Walters and Sherri Shephard (who host The View) opened up and talked about their own infertility.

I had to pinch myself. A nationally syndicated show was talking about something that RESOLVE has been talking about for 35 years.

I am so proud of our volunteers, Kate, her husband Keith, and Risa who put their own fears aside and stepped forward to talk about their journey so others know they are not alone.

Every day RESOLVE works hard to make an impact on the lives of people diagnosed with infertility. Today, The View played a big role in the impact we will continue to make.

If you were unable to tune in, please take the time to watch the interviews. Click here and watch episode 2/25.

You can part of the RESOLVE impact. Learn more about RESOLVE.

Ok - I'm back - a little disappointing that they focused on her weight so much but great to see how open they are about it all! And the segment with the Resolve people was disappointing too - not them but the way that the moderators asked the questions. Seemed like not very sensitive. Maybe I'm just used to watching Oprah who has a totally different style...


  1. I didn't see the View but I have seen B & G on their realitiy show, I happen to catch it once and she was getting her IUI done ! Glad to see that IF is finally hitting the TV though, maybe more people will realize how much it really affects us.

  2. After reading Barbara's e-mail, I thought they were going to talk about Resolve a lot more. And agree, there were a lot of insensitive comments floating around.

    Good call - Opran would cover this topic much better!

  3. I agree while they could have asked some questions better & been a bit more sensitive, I'm glad the whole hour was spent so openly discussing infertility...a huge step in the right direction at least!!!

  4. Oh wow, I'd like to watch that episode. Thanks for sharing!