Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday Morning Therapy - With You!

I can't believe I started my blog just 3 weeks ago... and it has been SUCH a therapeutic 3 weeks. My husband keeps saying he's so happy for me that I've found this.

And it's two-fold:
  1. I'm glad I have this writing outlet for every up, down and in between that goes through my head & heart
  2. I'm so, so glad I have you fellow bloggers out there to read about & get your comments
I just spent the last hour going through various people's updates, re-reading comments and seeing other people you follow and who comment on you. What an AMAZING community this is! Makes my heart happy that we all have each other.

Thanks for my Saturday morning therapy! :)


  1. I was reluctant to start blogging but after I did. Wow, did it help.

    I'm so glad that you're finding it helpful. :) Looking forward to getting to know you a bit better.

  2. So glad you're feeling the support & love of this amazing group of women! I don't know how I would have gotten through all the ups & downs of IF without is so therapeutic!

  3. I just saw your comment from a few days ago! Welcome to the community. I am pretty new to it myself. I started my blog last spring but wasn't interactive with it at all. But I decided in January that I wanted to connect with others through this, and you are right, it is like therapy. And free! I love it. I hope this continues to be a great source of support for you!

  4. I opened my last blog only days after my little man was stillborn and my god was that better than therapy. Blogging got me through my darkest days and my new blog is enriching my life already in my lighter days :)

    It really is a miraculous form of therapy...and FREE!!!


  5. Thanks for your comment on my blog. It is indeed nice to meet another québécoise ! Je vais revenir, certain. :)

  6. It's so theraputic for me too! I never knew I'd enjoy it so much or that such a supportive community existed online. Glad you're finding out the same thing.

    Happy ICLW.

  7. Thanks for the comment, and welcome to the bloggy world!! It's great to have a place to get it all out, isn't it?

    And my Husband isn't ready to adopt, either (and honestly I'm not sure I am)- so we're just doing straight foster, and we'll see what happens from there.

  8. a belated welcome to blogging. i know mine has saved my life more than once.

    happy ilcw!

  9. I have found this to be so therapeutic as well! I am glad you stopped by my blog, I truly appreciate the support. My heart goes out to you and yours. Best of luck, and I will keep in touch!

  10. I held in all my IF secrets and fears for years. I'm new to blogging also (about a month) and honestly it was like a huge weight off of me to be able to write about everything I'm feeling and worrying about!

    So, we're new together! =)