Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Stumped at Stupid Comment

I can't believe my mom said something stupid again today. She's been pretty good about not saying unnecessarily fluffy hopeful, positive and stupid things to me lately, but don't know how she slipped on this one.

I was telling her how excited I've been at having lost 7 lbs since Thanksgiving and how I fit into one of my pants that I haven't fit into in 2 years.

And then she says, "well, save your pants just in case".

And I, naively, said, "oh, I really hope I won't be able to fit into those anymore. I'm going to maintain this weight and lose some more!"

And then she says, "well, you might need them..."

And then I see where she's going with this. Ugh. Ridiculous. I really HATE when she mentions the 'just in case you get pregnant' bullcrap. It REALLY upsets me.

So, I said, "oh, you mean if I get pregnant? Yeah, well, we'll see...". It just stumped me. I didn't know what to say.


  1. Oh so sorry...I know how much those overly optimistic comments annoy me, people who haven't dealt with IF just don't understand.

  2. Thanks to you both. Rebecca - you're exactly right, I guess it's not really 'stupid' comments but just overly optimistic for which I have little optimism anymore that just gets me. Plus I told my mom to take any fertility/pregnancy-related stuff off the table. I'm sure she didn't mean it and recognized it right away but still, I had to deal with that in my head the rest of the day!

    Ok... calming down, calming down :) Glad I have you guys!

  3. ICLW - I don't know about you but I seem to get way more irritated with my immediate family and their insensitive comments than my friends. Maybe it's because they don't listen...ha, ha....