Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Great Feat... or Something

Ok, so it's not that great of a feat, but still...

This past weekend, I visited with my nephews, which was so, so nice! I love being around them and really enjoyed their presence and being a good auntie to them.

And then I saw my cousin's cousin who I hadn't seen since summer and learned upon seeing her that: she's 3 weeks away from giving birth. Unexpectedly. For the second time.

Yes, both pregnancies were unexpected. And both I didn't learn about till I actually saw her with her big belly.

That first time was hard. This time was ... surprisingly ok. Yeah, I could hardly believe it.

Maybe I've long thought that I'd rather be on this side of things (waiting) than have had the unexpected happen to me. Or maybe I've just been able to work really hard on my zen. And maybe it's because of all of you. And bik.ram hot yoga. By the way, yesterday's mantra was:
"Look up not down"
I like this one!

So, I think I overcame a great feat this weekend. Ok... maybe not great but it was something! :)

ps - I also heard this from a reflexology person today (my husand gets reflexology and is trying to convince me to go:
"Breathe deep & often"


  1. I think that you overcame a great feat as well... it's not easy to be happy for someone who has something that you want so badly... especially when it comes naturally, and easily for them. When you're a mom.... you'll be able to support others who are struggling and you'll be a better mom and more appreciative. Keep looking up:)

  2. I would consider it a great feat too! It would be for me. :)

  3. What a great feat! And, isn't it amazing when you quietly realize inside yourself that you can now deal with something well when for ever you thought you wouldn't be able to?

    And I love the little things you learn in yoga. I totally take them with me all day. I'll have to remember this week's.

  4. Definitely a great feat. That's never easy. Definitely a 'head up' moment!

    My little quote lately is a 311 song lyric that goes, "Wherever you are right now, that's where you're supposed to be now." I like it...

  5. Good for you. Time and experience help, I think.

  6. I like yesterday's mantra! I think that we all need to do that once in a while... unless we look like tourists :)!