Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Don't Let Anyone Steal Your Peace

You may have heard me post about my love for bik.ram (hot) yo.ga at least with Hot Yoga Lesson Tonight and Hot Yoga & Buddhim Applied to IF. I have found so many benefits beyond the physical with my yo.ga practice.

This week, an instructor said toward the end of class:
"Don't let anyone steal your peace"

I was thinking of this in the context of IF and I just kept thinking that it's the 'someone' I don't know yet who oftentimes steals my peace. This baby or these kids that I don't have yet that makes me feel unbalanced, not quite 100% me yet or something along those lines.

And am I letting this happen? Am I letting non-existent children steal my peace? Somehow, the answer is yes, and somehow I need to re-align my peace.

Any ideas?


  1. That's interesting. I think I often just lose my peace myself. I let myself get stressed way too easily instead of stepping back and realizing that work can make it without me sometimes and these infertility treatments won't last forever, and I can always clean the house tomorrow if I need some time to relax today. :) Thanks for that great reminder to work to keep my peace.

  2. Excellent thought! IF has definitely left me without peace at times & trying to cope with the unfairness of it all is very challenging. Remembering that it is up to me how I react & that it's not worth losing my peace is a wonderful reminder! So glad you have found such support & positive energy through yoga:)

  3. What steals my peace is the not knowing. I fully believe that once I know what's going to happen -- parenthood or not -- then I will rediscover my peace. The belief that I can find peace and happiness no matter what gives me some peace now, as I try to be patient and keep myself from getting discouraged. This is so hard. Peace to you!

  4. What a great thought. I love reading what thoughts your instructor has to say. I really try to keep them in my thoughts when I'm going throughout my day. Saturday I made "relaxation my job." It was great!

  5. I think I lose my peace when i look back too much on what might've been or think too much about myself in the context of others and their kids. It takes great focus sometimes to live in the present and not get bogged down on wishing for things over which we have absolutely no control.