Friday, March 12, 2010

What's in a Blog's Name?

I've had conflicted feelings about this. About my blog's name. At first I wanted to name it something like 'my ebbs and flows with infertility' but that seemed too long & cumbersome and the only thing that kept sticking was my infertility woes.

What I didn't like, though, was the negative aspect to the word 'woes'. I even did synonym searches on it and it seemed to be defined as: anguish, affliction, sadness, despair, misery, wretchedness. Not fun.

And while I couldn't figure out the right creative way to describe my ebbs and flows, and I was just eager to start blogging, I chose 'woes'.

But I'm conflicted because overall, I'm a positive person. And this 'woe' word really doesn't describe me. And I was worried that people wouldn't be attracted to my blog because of its downtrodden name. But I've decided that 'woe' is what we feel a lot of times - and why we've sought each other out. If everything was joyful, we probably wouldn't be blogging.

I still love seeing blog names like:
I love this positivity and I love that we're all there for each other when we have our 'woe' moments... which may be more sometimes and less sometimes - you know, the ebbs and flows of it all.


  1. I think I'm a very positive person too, but there are so many woes associated with infertility! Your blog is just how you're conquering those woes, at least that's how I've looked at it.

    And thanks so much for your support today, it really helps. I appreciate your comments so much!

  2. Here's a funny thing, I found your blog because of it's name! IF is full of woes. I'm all too familiar with it. It doesn't negatively reflect on you as a person though. We all strive to be positive, but IF definitely has some down moments. Looking forward to reading!


  3. maxandzuzu - how interesting - so, how did you find me exactly?? just curious!! :) I'll look forward to visiting with you too!

  4. I really like your blog name! Infertility isn't all rainbows and sunshine, there's lots of woefulness in there.
    I do understand second guessing a blog name though, I've been second guessing the name of mine as well. In fact, my blog name will be changing once I get my new blog design up.

  5. eh honestly? there isnt much joy involved in IF! Woes sums it up pretty perfectly because I dont see it as a REALLY negative word - just like "problems" or "challenges" :)

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